We are copper bathtub manufacturers and vendor selling high quality 16-gauge copper tubs.

Copper Bathtub Manufacturers | Vendors in UK

We are copper bathtub manufacturers and vendors selling high quality 16-gauge copper tubs. Copperbathtubsonline distribute copper tubs, brass bathtubs, copper sinks, copper kitchen sinks, cast bronze sinks, stainless steel farmhouse sinks, beverage tubs and copper handicrafts  in UK and European markets.

We specialize in the manufacture of bespoke copper tubs, copper sinks, copper kitchen sinks according to design and size requirements of our buyers. Being copper bathtub manufacturers ourselves we know the ins and outs of what goes into the manufacturing of copper tubs. Copper bathtub manufacturers like ourselves are the ones who customers trust for the quality product.

Copperbathtubsonline  is a home decor company that started with an idea of making our traditional metal copper available in every home, hotel or spa nationally and internationally in the form of finest copper bathtubs, copper sinks, lamps, faucets & handicrafts with the build of 100% pure durable copper metal.

Copperbathtubsonline  essentially started as an export business. Our manufacturing facility is in India from where we import these products on container load basis regularly.We supply our products to fulfill the bulk installation requirement of some leading hotels, spas & lounges nationally & internationally. This website is dedicated to catering to the market of U.K and Europe.

Esteemed clients of our copper bathtub and sink:

1. Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi.

2. Oasis Nail Spa, California U.S.A.

3. Kami Spa, Rome Italy.

4. Palace Debowy, Poland.

5. Hotel Eden Goa.

6. Hotel Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur.

7. Taj Faluknuma, Hyderabad.

8. Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

9. Blackberry Hills Resorts, Munnar Kerela.

10. Ajurvedos Centras, Vilnius, Lithuania.

11. Nofa Resort, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

12. Hotel Finch Hattons, Tsavo National Park Kenya.

13. JW Marriot Mumbai.

14. Firelight Safaris Resorts, Arusha Tanzania.

Copper Bathtub Finishes / Surface Patterns

Copperbathtubsonline  copper sinks & bathtubs are available in different colour, finishes, and different surface patterns. If you are considering for new sink & bathtub for your home/project, a copper sink, bathtub may be the way for you.

The great thing about copper sinks and bathtubs is that they are virtually maintenance free. If it needs to be cleaned, water and soap will do the trick. Another positive aspect of copper sinks & bathtubs is that unlike many other types of sinks & tubs these tend to grow in beauty over time due to the property of copper called “living finish”

We also do lacquer coating on the surface of the sink to protect the finish.

Many people are choosing copper sinks & copper bathtubs over other traditional style bathtubs. The reason why the popularity of copper sinks & copper bathtubs has grown so drastically is that not only does it have a simplistic beauty unmatched by any other style, it is also extremely functional within the kitchen, bathrooms & vanities.

The finishes of the lacquered sinks remain intact for years. With age, the copper sink will change its color, however, if you do not want the color to change, you can simply use a furniture or brass wax to prevent it. Copper sinks make things a whole lot easier in your life. Another great aspect of the copper sink is that it is overall cleaner and more sanitary than other material types.

Natural Properties of Copper Bathtub

Copper is a natural element that contains antibacterial benefits, therefore bacteria and other harmful substances cannot survive on copper. In a study performed on, stainless steel and copper, it was shown that copper is extremely sanitary by comparison. Thanks to the antibacterial benefits of copper, a bacterium that is found in the copper will not live any longer than one to two hours. Common diseases causing bacteria, such as E-Coli, Streptococcus, and the common flu viruses have trouble surviving on copper, which means that whatever germs your hands or body bring to the sink & bathtubs, they won’t survive for long if your sink & bathtubs are made of copper. This makes the copper sinks & copper bathtubs most sterile.

Apart from its aesthetic & health benefits, the durability for wear and tear makes copper sinks & bathtubs a good investment especially if they are installed in houses where the owner plans to live for a longer period. Copper is one metal that can last two to three generations in your family.

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