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Copper is a metal of fortune and has with stood as witness to evolution of human race, transformation and progression of it’s lifestyle trends.

Copperbathtubsonline can be hailed as a pioneer for its expertise and skillful craftsmanship in copper bathtub manufacture and our exquisite collection of copper bathtubs helps our buyers realize their dream of opulent and stunning bathrooms.

The relics of the earliest plumbing systems were copper water pipes from palace ruins, dating back 6000 years to the Indus River Valley civilization in India. The modern-day concept of bathing, sanitation, and bathtub design is an inspiring ode of its rise and fall along with the Roman empire, collapse and disappearance in Dark Ages to renaissance post World War-1 and achieving excellence and pinnacle in the 21st century.

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Fantastic service from Copperbathtubsonline and the copper bowls, that we received promptly and well packaged, were beautiful.
Jennifer Lewis
This is the most beautiful bath I have ever seen. Copperbathtubsonline have communicated fully throughout the delivery process. Delivery was well packaged and I could not be happier with the bath. So much better than I hoped for. Serious statement piece, solidly made and built for a lifetime.
Alicia Heart
Top notch service from start to finish. We arranged with Sangeeta to go and look at a few baths as we were a bit worried about buying without seeing, there was no need to worry as loved what we saw and ordered one there and then. The bath arrived today and it’s absolutely beautiful and so much cheaper than most other places.
Juan Carlos
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