Cast Bronze Sink

  • Coppersmith® Creations bronze vessels are hand-crafted using traditional sand casting methods.
  • Patinas will vary a little with each sink.
  • Each sink receives a coat of wax which gives our sinks a rich, natural luster and slows the natural oxidation process.
  • A maintenance coat of any wax may be applied periodically to maintain this finish.

Cast Bronze Sink

Care & Maintenance

  • Cast Bronze Sink wipe the basin dry with a soft cloth after each use.
  • Clean with a non-bleach mild soap.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh detergents, as these will compromise or remove the oxidized surface.
  • Avoid the use of anti-bacterial soaps. Do not allow toothpaste or any kind of corrosive materials to sit on the surface of the sink.
  • When water no longer forms beads on the surface of the basin, re-apply another coat of paste wax.
  • Expect the patina to change naturally over time.
  • To get rid of spotting caused by hard water, dilute white vinegar with an equal amount of water and fill sink or wipe on with a soft cloth.
  • Allow to soak for several minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • White bronze has a satin finish and is the actual color of the bronze material.
  • It will take on a slightly darker, richer patina over time.
  • The surface can then be allowed to naturally patina. Do not use any type of abrasive or metal polish.
  • Wax should be reapplied as needed. IMPORTANT: Do not use plumber’s putty when installing drain.


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