Copper Tub Style Sink Clawfoot Full Copper


  • Dim(inches): 20″ x 12″ x 10″
  • Dim(mm): 508 x 304.8 x 254
  • Material: Copper
  • Thickness: 16 gauge (16 gauge is thicker than 17 gauge)
  • Finish: Copper Inside & Copper Outside
  • Waste: Not included.
  • A standard bathroom basin waste available in your local plumbing shop will fit with this sink.

Copper Tub Style Sink Clawfoot Full Copper

Care & Maintenance

Copper is a natural antibacterial product that requires minimal care. For regular maintenance, simply rinse the sink after each use. Otherwise, wash occasionally with dish soap and a sponge for a more thorough cleaning. The sinks we supply are waxed by hand. Copper sinks have a living finish, which evolves over time and can be prevented by the use of wax.

Copper has the unique advantage of oxidizing over time, which means that its color continues to evolve with the life of the sink. The older it gets, the more attractive it looks. Any scratches and flaws that occur on its surface will disappear into the metal as it oxidizes.


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