Hammered Dark Copper Double Slipper Tub


  • Dimensions(mm): 1778 L x 838.20 W x 838.20 H
  • Dimensions(inches): 70″L x 33″W x 33″H
  • Dark Antique Copper Finish
  • Hammered Interior & Exterior
  • Metal Gauge/Thickness: 16
  • Tub Weight Uncrated (lbs): 107
  • Tub Weight Crated (lbs): 192

Free Waste – Not covered in warranty.

The free waste included with the product is not covered in warranty as we procure it from third party to include as a free accessory.


Hammered Dark Copper Double Slipper Tub

Hammered Dark Copper Double Slipper Tub take a relaxing soak in the 71″. A decorative plinth encases the base of the tub, while the lip contains a continuous rolled rim. Forged by hand, this tub adds a warm and rustic look to any bathroom.

Copper tub gives an attractive aesthetic feel. While being aesthetically pleasing, a copper tub also maintains good durability. Being naturally resistant to scratches and other chippings that may occur. Also, for those who do not enjoy cleaning or maintenance, maintaining a copper tub is very simple and does not require the need for harsh cleaning chemicals whatsoever. Aside from the aesthetic aspect & antibacterial properties, the copper tends to have healing benefits on the body which are scientifically proven. We hence recommend to soak yourself in a copper tub twice a day if you own one of these luxurious bathing beauties.

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant hence copper bathtubs never rust. Use a mild detergent or mild soap and a soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your tub


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