Slanting Base Copper Bathtub Copper Inside & on Base Black Outside


This bathtub features a striking black exterior finish that gives a beautiful contrast with the copper finish on the interior surface.

  • Dim(mm): 1680 x 725 x 715
  • Dim(inches): 66.14″ x 28.54″ x 28.15″
  • Outside depth at center: 24″
  • Inside depth at center: 18.5″
  • Made of a 16-gauge copper sheet.
  • Manufacturer guaranteed product quality.
  • Shining copper finish on interior & on base
  • Contrasting black exterior finish

Free Waste – Not covered in warranty.

The free waste included with the product is not covered in warranty as we procure it from third party to include as a free accessory.


Slanting Base Copper Bathtub Copper Inside & on Base Black Outside

Slanting Base Copper Bathtub Copper Inside & on Base Black Outside gives an attractive aesthetic feel. While being aesthetically pleasing, a copper tub also maintains good durability. Copper tubs are naturally resistant to scratches and other chippings that may occur. Also, for those who do not enjoy cleaning or maintenance, maintaining a copper tub is very simple. You do not need harsh cleaning chemicals whatsoever. Copper has healing benefits which are scientifically proven. We hence recommend soaking yourself in a copper tub twice a day if you own one of these luxurious bathing beauties.

Care & Maintenance

Naturally, copper metal is corrosion resistant hence copper bathtubs never rust. Use a mild detergent or mild soap and soft microfiber cloth only for the cleaning of your tub.

Living Finish of Copper

Mother Nature has given copper a seemingly magical quality known as a living finish’.  This very unique characteristic sets copper apart from most other metals. It is also the primary reason why a pure Copper tub becomes more beautiful with age!

When left untreated, copper interacts with its environment. It then naturally deepens in color and tone over time.  It begins its journey with a pinkish, salmon-like hue. Then very gradually darkens in color. It passes through a progression of russet browns until it finally stabilizes to a deep, rich tone.
The speed at which it changes color and the final depth of tone for each copper bathtub will differ. It is greatly influenced by the amount and type of use it receives. The prevailing weather patterns in your particular geographical location may also affect it.

The truth is Copper Bathtub age gracefully and becomes even more beautiful with every passing day!


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