Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Plain (Set of Two)


  • FINISH: Bring home a pair of Copper Moscow Mule Mug in Plain Polished Copper Finish made of pure copper.
  • DIMENSION: 3.4″ (diameter) & 4″ Height.
  • HOT & COLD BEVERAGES: Due to copper metal’s intrinsic property of maintaining temperature, these mugs are good for both your hot or cold beverages as they can keep your hot drink hot for longer & cold drink cold for longer than normal mugs.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Keep your drinking water from copper mugs have immense health benefits.
  • SMOOTH HANDLES & SMOOTH ROUNDED MOUTH: These mugs have smooth rounded handles that feels great on hands when you hold these. The edges of the mouth are rounded and smoothened to avoid sharp edges which might otherwise hurt your lips.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Plain (Set of Two)

Add these elegant copper mug to your collection and get appreciations from your guests when they are served hot or chilled beverages in these mugs. Not only does drinking in copper mugs have health benefits but it adds a class to your lifestyle.

Key highlights of these mugs are:

  • Big round curvy handle for ease of holding.
  • Flat bottom for perfect stability on any surface.
  • Shiny copper finish.
  • Anti-microbial properties to kill bacterias.


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