Double Wall Round Copper Sink Hammered 18 x 5


  • Dimensions(mm): 457.2 D x 127 H
  • Dimensions(inches): 18″(Diameter) x 5″(Height)
  • Solid copper construction.
  • Made of 16 gauge copper.
  • Hand waxed for easy maintenance.
  • Available in Medium Antique and Light Antique finish.
  • All dimensions ± 1/2″.
  • 1-1/2″ drain size.

Double Wall Round Copper Sink Hammered 18 x 5

Double Wall Round Copper Sink Hammered 18 x 5 copper sinks give an attractive aesthetic feel. While being aesthetically pleasing, a copper sink also maintains good durability, being naturally resistant to scratches and other chippings that may occur. Also, for those who do not enjoy cleaning or maintenance, maintaining a copper sink is very simple and does not require the need for harsh cleaning chemicals whatsoever. Aside from the aesthetic aspect & antibacterial properties, copper also has Vastu correction benefits for homeowners.

Care & Maintenance

Copper is a natural antibacterial product that requires minimal care. For regular maintenance, simply rinse the sink after each use. Otherwise, wash occasionally with dish soap and a sponge for a more thorough cleaning.


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